Softbank from Tokyo

To get my Tokyo fix, I surf the net for Softbank ads.  That’s a Japanese mobile provider and the one that Jules uses. Nothing special about them except they have the funniest TV commercial campaign ever … ok, I don’t understand a word when it comes out and had to have Jules explain the premise of the ad but once I got that idea, it’s funny regardless of the conversation.

This is why it’s funny, that’s a whole family, the dog is the Dad and the older looking woman is the Mum, the younger one is the daughter and the guy of African descent, is the son. Makes no sense but it’s funny that way. Funnier yet, the Mum’s a Principal of a school and the Dad (the little white dog) is a teacher in the same school. So she’s the head at work while he’s the head at home. Not quite sure what the son does but the daughter works in Softbank. The different ads simply play around the different scenarios around the family. Here’s another one:-

I can’t be the only person who thinks this is hilarious, right?

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