Organic Chocolate Chip Cookies

When you’re vegan, love cookies and live in Singapore, it’s pretty much impossible to get healthy alternatives to fix that craving. So I flip open my handy cookbook from Real Food Daily in LA (It’s probably the only reason I don’t mind the 18hour flight to LA) and see what my craving leads me to.

This time it was Chocolate Chip Cookies 🙂 So I gathered the ingredients and started having a Betty Crocker moment at 11pm at night. It’s a simple enough recipe and completely wheat free too.

When I was mixing in the ingredients, I was actually a little worried as it was kinda crumbly and wasn’t sticking together.  Then I remember baking with my Granny and she always said that when it came to cooking or baking you just have to go with your gut (for me, that’s turning out to be good advice for life in general too!!) if it’s too dry just add water and too wet, just add more ingredients.  So I gradually added more rice milk and was soon pretty happy with the final batter.

I know, my final cookies look nothing like the book.  And in complete honesty, it wasn’t as moist as the ones I’ve had in LA either.  Sigh … but my Granny did also tell me that it’s all in the practice too.  For now, it was enough to fix the craving 🙂

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