I Am Legend and bringing in the New Year

It was an apt movie to watch for the last day of the year, technically the second last day since I saw it on Sunday but who’s counting. My parents and I caught I Am Legend at the Grand Cathay which my Dad has declared as his favourite cinema. I’m still partial to Golden Village at Vivocity but if they had better food joints in the Cathay, it’ll easily become my favourite. I digress.

The movie had a profound effect on my mind, it being the end of the year and all. I found myself lamenting the future of mankind as Will Smith fought to make sense of nature’s way of rebooting itself … or at least that’s how I see it. Like nearly all movie adaptations, the book was better than the movie but Will Smith made this version of the book quite yummy 🙂 It was really impressive how he managed to hold your attention as he was the only character in the movie most of the time

If you can’t tell from all the trailers by now, the movie is about a not too distant future where a man made virus kills off nearly the entire planet and one man has to be the messiah. Maybe I over read into the spirituality of it all but the movie renewed my thoughts that at the end of the day, everyone of us needs to believe in something … even if it’s as simple as a higher self.

Whatever it is, it made me ponder about how I hope 2008 will turn out … and while I can’t change the world, I sure can work on myself so I’m hoping to be kinder person in 2008. Hopefully, by this time next year I’d be able to report if I was at all successful 🙂

What’s your hope for 2008?

Meanwhile, here’s my warmest wishes for an excellent 2008 and year end parties that rock!!