That’s what I have for breakfast on a regular basis. Vegemite on toast, with cream cheese, with butter, with avocado, with tomatoes, with cucumber. It’s really quite yummy.

I see some eyes rolling and I can almost hear, “What are you talking about?” I agree, Vegemite is completely an acquired taste and unless you’re Australian or you’ve spent some time in Australia or have lived with Australians, you wouldn’t quite know what to do with it. Too little and you barely taste anything, too much and it’s complete overkill which is too too easy to do with Vegemite.

So it was in Perth, Australia circa 1995 when I was educated in the ways of Vegemite. I actually remember the day quite clearly. One morning, I woke up at 8:42am, got dressed real quick, drove like there’s no tomorrow (don’t tell my Dad) and walked in late for my 9am lecture … aaattt aaabout 9:15am which is a little amazing considering I live way North of the Swan River and my uni was somewhat way South of it (seriously don’t tell my Dad). I found my first Aussie mate, Melanie sitting where we usually sat, left back. I quietly got into the seat next to her and found her munching on toast.

Me (whispering): What’s that?

Melanie (whispering more): Vegemite toast, want some?

Me: Errr … vegemite?

Melanie: Have you had Vegemite, it’s quite yummy. (offering me a bite)

Normally, I would have had a bowl of cereal by now, a big bowl and Vegemite toast would not at all appeal to me. However, having literally just woken up from bed, my tummy was starting to rumble … yes, I have one of those tummies that needs to be fed FIRST thing in the morning … so I thought to myself, what’s the harm and took a cautionary bite.

It was simple Vegemite and butter on toast. It was really quite yummy and thanks to the very gracious Melanie, I finished the rest of it 🙂 And I’ve never looked back since … yummmm … Vegemite toast …. yummm