From Chinatown to Kaki Bukit

It’s an end of an era … in my mind at least.

The animation studio I use to work at has moved from its cosy Chinatown shophouse to a flatted factory in Kaki Bukit. And with it any illusion of me ever having a homecoming of sorts. Yes, I see all the eyes rolling … what in the world am I saying? Well, somewhere in my very forgetful mind, I had harboured some thoughts of returning; despite the crazy hours to where everything is familiar and it feels like home.

I’m not sure if it’ll feel like home any more. They’ve grown and now there’s something like over 20 people in the office. Other than 3 or 4 people who are still there, everyone else who I had spent countless of production nights and weekends with, are no longer there. My corner which housed my Moulin Rouge poster and my chest of drawers did not move an inch after I left, they no longer exist too. The red and yellow walls which we decided on are, like everything else just memories. Even the phone number’s changed!!

The next time I visit them, I won’t know where the storyboards are kept or where the cleaning auntie stashes away the good toilet paper. The cosy second home feel has given way to a slick office where iMacs line the tables and warm lighting makes being in an industrial area a little easier.

Hmm … The only reason I’d move there is so I can meet Cherry for lunch 🙂

Anyway, I can’t wait for a visit where I’ll be the guest and peeping around for the good toilet paper 😉