Supper Times

One of the things I truly enjoy is talking late into the night over supper with really good friends. So last Saturday night, Mich, Zack and I rendezvoused at some Hong Kong cafe along Tiong Bahru Road which is turning out to be Zack’s favourite place. So much so, when Mich and I came out of Warlords, we knew exactly where we’d be having supper.

We’ve been there a couple of times now and one of the most sinful things I really like on the menu is their milk tea. So sweet but really hits the spot when I’m having a sugar craving. The other thing you really ought to have is their vegetarian noodles, it’s not on the menu so you have to make a special order. It’s stir fried with mushrooms, some ginger and soy sauce. Simple yet so tasty 🙂 The beef hor fun thingie that Zack had looked tasty too.

By 2am, our 30 something bodies decided to call it a night. I remember when we use to be able to do this till the wee hours of the morning. Was it just about being brazen youths or have we just wised up and prefer to be somewhat awake for church on Sundays?

Well, I’m sure when Shob is back from London, we’ll be having one of these all night sessions. With the Angels, we seem to do it unwittingly without even batting an eyelid. It’ll likely to be prata and teh-halia … equally sinful, if not more but supper is all about the company 🙂 I could be wrong, for me food is a secondary priority when it’s about chatting the night away.