Dairy-free Carob Cake

I’m thinking there’s a market for healthy cakes that aren’t sweetened with sugar and filled with trans fat so I’m testing more recipes to fulfil my bake goody cravings and maybe one day be able to have my own bakery too. So over the weekend, I tested out a recipe for a cake I brought over to Cherry’s for Christmas lunch.

It’s a real simple one, takes about 15 mins to prep and is in the oven for about 40mins. For the Christmas lunch, I changed the whole wheat pastry flour for a combination of brown rice flour and oat flour as one of my little friends is allergic to wheat and it tasted just as good too.

It’s been declared yummy by my husband and friends 🙂 So if anyone needs a SIMPLE (as you can plainly tell from the pictures I don’t decorate yet) healthy allergen free cake (depends on what you’re allergic to) give me a buzz and I’ll be happy to oblige. For the record, my tasters were surprised that there were no eggs, milk or butter in the cake … ok, maybe coz they love me too. They were even more surprised that it didn’t have chocolates. Yep yep yep, you read right. No chocolates. I use carob. Naturally sweet and free from caffeine, it’s a healthy alternative to chocolates.

Anyone up for some organic dairy-free carob cake?