Turning 30

This time it isn’t me but my little sister … so I guess, I shouldn’t refer to her as my little sister any more; but I finally understand what my Mum means when she said to me (while I was already 15), “You’ll always be my baby.” (I remember gagging behind her back :p) So I guess this is payback coz I think my sister can be 70 and I’ll still think of her as my little sister 😉

A couple of weeks ago, on her 30th birthday my little sister spent the milestone with, what I reckon are a couple of women with the strongest feminine traits of our time – the Tan/Lam girls 🙂 We went to Patara at Raffles City. Great Thai food, especially vegetarian Thai and even better company.

We’re pretty hot too, if I don’t say so myself 😉 These are the women I draw inspiration from, who constantly amaze me with their kind hearts and strength to not let things get them down and my gratitude goes out to my little sister who takes the sole responsibility of putting up with all my nonsense. Lord knows how much of it, I have. And through her I’ve learnt to be the better person I am. My husband should be so grateful too 😛 More than that, she’s taught me how to dance to your own tune that you compose entirely yourself 🙂

So to my little sister, here’s to a fantastic 30th year filled with happiness and dreams coming true, know that no matter what happens in life you’ll always be surrounded with people who love with you with all our hearts.