It’s Snowing in NYC

And it snowed the WHOLE day on Wednesday. To be honest, it was nice to be inside and watch the snow come down. There’s something about snow that reminds you about Christmas and the thing about Christmas is that, you can’t help but feel happy when you think about it 🙂

That’s me in winter. The left is what I’m told is my tourist look and the right is what I look like for meetings … coz we know it’s hard enough to take me seriously and my pink scarf won’t help 😛

So we did brave the snow for lunch and all we made it for was ONE little block.

Yes, we thought, “What the heck? We’re here only for a couple of days.” So yes, we brave the blizzard for lunch and that we did 🙂

I always knew I love being inside while a thunderstorm is raging outside, now I know, I love it as much if it’s a snow storm too 🙂 That said, I’m not sure I can last longer than a week in NYC winters :p

Meanwhile, as you and your family sit down for a steamboat reunion dinner, think about us lone Singaporeans in freezing NYC and send us some warm thoughts 🙂 Happy happy CNY everyone!!!

4 thoughts on “It’s Snowing in NYC

  1. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR CARLENE!!!!!! Oh how lovely it is to see snow.
    Pity there isn’t any in tokyo but I still ain’t complaining.

    I know its already magical even tho I have yet to see and touch and taste it.
    So in the not too distant future, pann will just have to brave another real long flight for me and the kiddos to see, touch and taste it. 🙂

    I always wonder if snow can survive in a vacuum flask, with a bunch of ice-packs on top, and all snug and cozy in a cooler box. I might just try that next time.

    Miss you already and our overdue brunch/lunch/tea/movie date.

    Hope you get your heart’s desire with the start of this tiger year.

    Love love,
    The Lims. 🙂 :-p :-^ 😀

  2. Sending some warmth from Singapore on CNY Eve =)

    It’ll be my turn to freeze my butt off when I fly to NYC on Monday night. When will you be home? Am flying via Frankfurt like you. HUGS!

  3. It looks like you’re on Sixth Ave in the city?

    P.S. I found Yu Seng here!!! Made a reservation for this Wednesday night haven’t had it in a long long time, I hope its good and lives up to the memories!

    P.P.S Thanks to Char Loh Tee for informing me about CNY too!


  4. Mummy Lim, you guys have fun in Japan!! Keep warm and I can’t wait for our next catch up 🙂

    K2, you keep warm in NYC too!! See you when you get back, yah? It’s been AGES!!!

    M, YES YES YES, it’s 6th Ave. I was at the Hilton. Gong Xi Fa Cai!! Enjoy your yu sheng and are you coming home for a visit soon?

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