Ever wondered why the wicked witch is the way she is and really how in the world does water kill her?  Well, wonder no more and Wicked will tell all 🙂  One can’t go to NYC, even if it’s for work and not catch a musical on Broadway.  So that’s what Erv, Daryl and I did the other night.

We actually braved the cold and walked something like 5 blocks to get to the Gershwin Theatre and it was worth it 🙂  As it already is, Wizard of Oz is one of my favourite stories of all time and “The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz” just gave it more depth to excite my own creative impluses.

Reminded me why at the core of my heart, despite the advances in technology, I simply love live performances.  There’s something about watching people sing. dance or act in front of your very eyes that can wake your soul.  Made me miss being a theater practitioner … what would I give to be designing lighting or managing a stage again?  I’m not quite sure if I have an answer to that but I do know I was glad to have shared it with Erv and Daryl.

They were the perfect guys to share a musical experience with.  Both understood the beauty of it and once out of the theatre, could relate to the fact that I felt like dancing and singing 🙂