Playing Housewife

Every now and then, I reckon I can give up the rush of getting a project done, hanging out with friends over lunch, having financial independence and be a stay-at-home wife.  So on weekends and over holidays I can pretend and test out the concept.  My husband gets to benefit from wholesome meals 🙂

Tofu, eggplant and mushroom in the foreground.  French beans stirred fried with carrots coupled with brown rice 🙂

It was fun and I reckon, sure, I can do the whole Nigella thing for a meal here and there but I’ll definitely need a little angel or two before I can do the whole stay home thing.  For now, my husband gets to benefit from my nesting needs.  I’m thinking of what to whip up next … soup and fried rice?  Yes, my Asian palate is yearning for some comfort food.

Meanwhile, I’ve found out why we have finger nails … in my case, thumb nails.  They are there to protect you from chopping the tip of your thumb off.

Yes, it happened as I was chopping garlic for the stir fry.  Don’t worry it didn’t fall into the garlic … I had to peel it off and chuck it in the trash but if my nail wasn’t there … I may have no tip of a thumb to speak off anymore.

More than that, it looks like I’m in serious need of a manicure :p