Before Arriving in NYC

It took us a whole 23hours to get from Singapore to NYC via Frankfurt. That’s a whole day of my life spent in a plane and I slept most of it away :p Not before I managed to try out this new app on my nifty iPhone.

That’s my view to my left through the filter of Hipstamatic. It’s a pretty cool software that gives your photo that somewhat pretentious arty look so much so my pictures look like they have a story to tell :p

And to my right the story is, “For the millionth time, get your freaking iPhone out of my face.” He didn’t even have to say a word … you should have seen his face when we reached Frankfurt and I was asleep most of the way … you see, my dear friend, Erv can’t sleep on planes … but my sleepy vibes must have hit him coz he did manage to catch some zzzz … not as much as me but he did get some šŸ™‚

With about over an hour to kill in Frankfurt, I did a little study of my own and realised … every man does need a woman šŸ˜‰ Here’s a happy man with his wife:-

And here’s what happens when men fly solo … …

They just look … for lack of a better word … a little sad :p Ok ok ok, the control in this experiment isn’t very … what’s the scientific term for it? Reliable? Anyway, I’m no scientist … I’m more an artist … that’s what I like to think anyway :p so, here’s one more arty shot before we got on the plane for JKF, where I actually slept some more šŸ˜‰


Am heading out in a bit for lunch but here’s a quick update, the weather is actually beautifully sunny … cold but the sun is out šŸ™‚Ā  That’s only until tonight where there’s an anticipation of a foot worth of snow … enough to close schools tomorrow :pĀ  So am I a little worried?

… I’ve decided I’m in New York city, the last time I was here … was a good 8 years ago so, come snow come storm, I’m going to enjoy it as much as I can šŸ™‚Ā  So far so good and I’m so glad that I’m actually here with Daryl, who in the last year made me realise he IS the little brother I never had.Ā  You’ve got to love the boy šŸ™‚