Viva Las Vegas

That’s the theme of our annual dinner and dance which happened 2 Fridays ago. My team went through a couple of ideas of what to wear and even thought of going as the team from CSI: Las Vegas but since we have more chicks than guys, that idea was promptly dumped. We toyed with a couple more before deciding heck we’ll see what we come up with and surprise each other … ok, that wasn’t quite the plan but I thought this was a better story 🙂 Thanks to BFF, Jun the Queen and of course the dashing Shu, we weren’t disappointed. Check them out with my paparazzi shot of them and Yus.

The rest of us went safe and I thought I’d try my best impression of a Punjabi heiress spending her father’s money in Las Vegas. Not sure if anyone got that … …

Services Chicks

It was fun, gave us all something else to talk about other than planning for the year ahead which is what we’re usually doing this time of the year.

us looking sweet

The food was decent with vegetarian options which made me wonder if I’m the only vegetarian in MDA. In STB, there were quite a number of us but I think there are like only 2 or 3 vegetarians in MDA. So I was really grateful to the organising committee for not forgetting about us treehuggers 😛

a little too much already

More than the food, the company was great. We ate, made fun of each other, appeared drunk even when some of us don’t drink. All in all had a blast, I even managed to snag the 144th lucky draw prize … there were 150 prizes 😛


most of us

I’m always not sure how the wind blows and what will happen next time this year but I’ll enjoy working with these bunch of people as much as I can … a picture says a lot more than I can ever write about them … there’ll be a day when I have to bid au revoir to them and I’ll be thankful that my path had crossed with theirs 🙂 Till then, they’ll just have to contend with pesky ole’ me 😛

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