They grow too fast

Not that I’ve had any of my own but with one nephew, a niece and a bunch of little friends, I’m always completely amazed at how fast tiny human beings grow. I don’t see them all the time and when I do I’m always taken aback to how much they’ve changed. Just take a look at this picture I found which was taken in 2006.

littler ones

Think it was little Aira’s one month or there about which makes Renn in the right about 3 and little Kaitlyn about 2. In a span of 18months, they’ve grown into these amazing human beings and they’re no longer babies but little toddlers talking and growing personalities.

aira, mummy and me

That’s sweet little Aira (ok, she’s got a real competition on sweet levels with her brother but is a real sweetie in her own way) and her mummy, one of my dearest friends in the world. Don’t they look so like each other? Next up is a more grown up picture of the other toddlers from the previous pic. Now not toddlers any more but a little girl and boy.

kaityln, daddy and renn

I’m not sure what my other dear friend, Gerie would say about her baby Kaitlyn and hubby completely enraptured by the TV which was when I took this picture last Chirstmas. I digress, from left to right, that’s the little one formerly known as Baby K (coz she’s no baby any more), her Daddy who’s the other half of The Geralds and Renn, the wonder boy who melts hearts in less than 30seconds.

It’s crazy isn’t it, how fast they grow?  I can’t wait to see them this CNY and take all new updated pictures because knowing kids … my Christmas photos are out dated already 😛