The West Wing

In 1999, I was completely enthralled with the The West Wing and in awe of Aaron Sorkin. Stories that provoked my idealistic mind and a cinematic visual style that excited my creative appetite. I followed the seasons through the years and in my humble opinion, it is one of the best drama series around. So you can imagine my excitement when my parents came home from Perth with the DVD collection of The West Wing.


I did have other plans this weekend, chill by the pool, pay bills (a chore I have to do every other weekend), catch up on work emails, try a new cake recipe but all of that, even the cheque writing chore gave way to season 1 of the Bartlet administration. I’m happy to report that the DVD is as good as catching it on air the first time round. The tight script still amazes me and I’m hopeful that one day I’ll get to work on such a high quality project.

On another note, if my dream is anything to go by, this may be the only way my hope for a democratic administration can happen – fictionally.