Bali in a nutshell

I can’t gush enough about Bali. I had such a GREAT time … doing nothing 😀 Ok, we did go on a tiny road trip on the second day, to Kintamani where the temperatures were much cooler because of the higher altitude. The view was pretty much covered by low hanging clouds but it was still lovely to sit in a cafe overlooking the valley of rice terraces. More than that the company made the trip memorable.

Danny and meChele and Zack

This was us on our first day there where we hung out at Ku De Ta and walked A LOT around Seminyak, trying to find a bikini for Chele 😛 If you’re in the area, Ku De Ta is a must … I can hear some people say it’s a little poser but it’s where you can get a great view of the beach and chill without being bothered.

Green tea and mintthe villamy view at KDT


From left to right, my ice green tea with mint that kept me cool as I acquired a nice tan. The middle pic is our 2 bedroom villa with our very own private pool where I swam in the minute we checked in 😀 And my glorious view from my deck chair at Ku De Ta. It was such a great chill out space that we went there again on our last morning in Bali 🙂

last day at KDTthe beach at KDTmy feet

Needless to say, I have a slight obsession with my feet 😛 as well as beaches and pools. For as long as I can remember, I generally adore all bodies of water and the humid hot weather while at a beach. Since I got all that while I was in Bali, I can report that I had a completely lovely time and am already planning to go back again. Now I just have to convince my husband a tropical beach holiday is as wonderful as camping out in a North American National Park 😉  I just may be able to tempt him with this … …

cows by the villa

When I leave my villa, this scene greets me … how adorable is that 🙂 grazing cows relaxing … in 10 years from now I don’t know where I’ll have to go to experience something like that … …

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