Why I don’t need a kid?

There are a couple of reasons but mainly because I reckon I have one big one at home already. Let me put it all in context. My husband and I were chatting, as usual, in our dining room which is on the downstairs of our little maisonette flat.

Me: Do you need the bathroom? Coz I have to shower, prep and then leave. (I was preparing to go out)

My Husband: Yeah, I’ll be quick. (and he runs up the stairs)

I busy myself, cleaning the table and washing the dishes. I slowly realise that the house is real quiet and it has been a while since my husband went upstairs. So I tentatively walk up the stairs and see my bedroom door closed … … I start thinking to myself that maybe my silly husband forgot that I needed to use the bathroom. So I opened the door pretty loudly to find him spring back from the side of the bed and I find this:-


He tells me it’s a scarecrow for our bed for when I’m gone … …