Friday the 13th

It was the first Friday the 13th for the year and as usual, it passed without any incidents.  The only one that I can recall was when I was 11, which makes it 1986 and it was the school holidays and my sister fell something like over a metre into a rather dirty drain :p  Thankfully she was young and flexible so there wasn’t a scratch on her.  She was, however, quite smelly from the grime in the drain.  So I remember recovering from my shock, helping her out of the drain and spraying her with the hose in the garden :p

Other than a somewhat regular day at work, we caught up for Shannon’s birthday that was actually last week.  It seems like a while since we all last caught up with him.  I see his GF, Ade every week now since we do muay thai together but other than the occasional msn catch ups, the last I saw Shannon was maybe when Annie, Erv’s GF was in town … that’s like in June.  So there at Pepperoni’s we surprised him when he least expected it 🙂

Yes yes yes, I have to buy a new camera :p  This was still taken with my 3GS … and so much is left to be desired for the outcome but you get the picture.  I’m still wondering if I should hold out for the iPhone 4 or get my Canon IXUS 130 now … …

Anyway, I’m digressing, it was good pizza, great company and would have been great wine except with $30 corkage per bottle, the bottles were left unopened.

And with us, you don’t really need the wine to get the conversation going, we talked and talked and talked till it was closing time.  In fact, we were the last to leave.  I suspect the conversations would have kept going if they stayed open.  The next birthday is in September.  Hopefully, we won’t have to wait till then before we catch up again.

All in all, it was a good start to the weekend 🙂  With it being Sunday afternoon, I have to say it’s nice to have a weekend that isn’t filled with activities … back to packing my closet 🙂

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