Pictures from Pasir Ris Park

Thanks to Auntie Daph who actually has a camera, we actually get some decent shots of our day out 🙂  No offence to my iPhone, she takes decent pictures but even I have to admit that the lens isn’t quite the same as an actual camera lens.

While it looks like they are getting jiggy with it, they are in fact chasing bubbles.  I love how kids have so much fun with soapy water … heck, what’s there not to like about bubbles?  There’s something magical and ethereal about it … so much so even I can be entertained by a bottle of soapy water and a ring 🙂

My favourite bit about playdates is learning from a bunch of Mummies how to balance it all.

It really isn’t easy going to work and having to raise a family at the same time but these 3 women whom I have the privilege of sharing an office with, show me that it can be done.  Sure, there are tough days but the smiles they have on the good days make me hardly ever remember any of the bad days they may have had 🙂  Through them and the other Mummies I know, I’ve learnt how very much my own Mummy had to sacrifice so that my sister and I got everything we wanted.  It is amazing what happens to a women when she has a child and I’ve been very fortunate to call so many my friends.  This reminds me of a movie I saw on Thursday, Aftershock.  That deserves a whole post on its own.

Till then hope you’re having a lovely lovely Saturday 🙂

P/S: To be fair to the Dads I know, you guys are a pretty cool bunch too.