Marina Bay Sands and Post National Day

So it’s the day after National Day and we’re all done with everything red and white … ‘cept, why do I still feel like the long weekend wasn’t long enough :p It’s the day after and all I can say about my stay at the Marina Bay Sands, is that they are SO not ready to be opened. With over 2500 rooms, it’s a logistical nightmare on most days but with the Sky Park and half the rooms facing the fireworks display of the annual NDP (that’s short for National Day Parade) they should have anticipated chaos. However, they weren’t even close to managing the insanity. I felt sorry for their staff who by about 2pm yesterday was probably just apologizing more than anything else :p

Just like RWS, my stay at MBS was still a hoot because of three little munchkins 🙂

Poor Rachael was hit with a bug half way through the weekend and had to head home but not before enjoying the pool and the view at MBS.

The first day that we were at MBS, the crowds were still managable and the pool was rather fun to hang out in. By yesterday, it made the Ang Mo Kio public pool look like 6 star hotel one :p I’m just grateful, we got there earlier and had time to spend in the pool before the chaos hit.

I also tried to take a pic of Rachael and me but she just thought her Godma is a little loony. Can’t say she’s entirely wrong :p

As soon as the sun set, we were back up at the Sky Park, checking out the view by night. I have to say, while it isn’t the highest vantage point in Singapore, it is a very pretty one.

This was the side I preferred. The city skyline is gorgeous too but this had a more serene feel to it and when you’re up that high … serenity is more the mood for me 🙂

Fast forward to yesterday, we enjoyed the sights of the parade from our room on the 28th floor. Needless to say, it was the kids who were enjoying themselves as the planes flew up and they caught sight of the parachute troopers making their descent into the padang.

When the finale came around, adults and kids alike were glued to the window.

You know what’s my favourite thing about sleep overs? When the kids sleep 🙂

That’s when the monkeys miraculously disappear and the angels appear 🙂 And here’s another reason why I reckon people keep having children :p

So all in all I did have a really good National Day. Happy 45th, Singapore!!