Kit Kats and the Afterlife

Today is my Grandfather’s birthday. He would have been 88 so I’ll say a little prayer, have a Kit Kat and remember that all my fiesty-ness comes from him. My Kongkong loved Kit Kat. When he was in his wheelchair and barely had any teeth left, he’d still smack his jaws together and ate Kit Kat. It’s been more than a decade since he called heaven home, I still can’t see a bar of Kit Kat, not think of my Kongkong and wonder what happens in the afterlife.


I grew up Catholic and for all intent and purpose, I suppose I’m still a practicing Catholic but as I venture into my 40s, I have a more complete understanding of spirituality. No one can actually tell you what happens after you die. Some have tried and whether you believe them or not comes down to faith. My faith was built on Christianity but my unspoken understanding of what happens when we die comes from somewhere much less structurally cognisant.  Not something I can articulate clearly but death always gave me some kind of comfort. Sad for sure, only because I’ve lost the physical form of someone I love. For whatever reason, it wasn’t a fearful concept and when my first grandparent passed away, I was even more certain when it’s my turn, they will be on the other side and I have absolutely nothing to worry about. Just lots of catching up to look forward to 🙂

Does it come from my Catholic faith? I don’t think so. Is it past lives? Catholics don’t believe in past lives and that’s a concept I can’t quite get my head around. That’s a whole other post I can write about. Back to afterlife, I don’t have a logical explanation but I always seem to innately know there is life after death. It was never a question for me. Life just continues, keeps going, I don’t know how but something in me just knows it does. I’m definitely not saying I’m right, I could totally totally be wrong. Who knows? If there’s any way I can come back and let you know, I will.

Meanwhile, this 40 something tries to take in each moment and remember in the scheme of eternity this moment is literally a blink of an eye. With that, in this sliver of time called today, I’ll throw a little caution to the wind and have myself a Kit Kat 🙂


The Little Mermaid

I remember being 14 and loving this movie.  Little did I know, I’d actually build a career around animation.

My slightly more than 2 and a half year old godson, Christian recently saw it for the first time and Under the Sea is what he’s got the beat for nowadays.  So during our date yesterday, he and I watched it together.  Despite being 27 years old, The Little Mermaid doesn’t feel dated at all.  Still made me do a little jig, root for Ariel and wish I could be a mermaid.

In 2037, I hope when people watch the reruns of Insectibles, they’ll feel the same way 🙂


Part 2 of the Honeymoon

Our first full day in Banff is day 6, we took it easy.  Enjoyed our egg free muffins for breakfast and I’m loving this B&B route we decided on.  Then we walked into the town, had lunch and went to the museum.

Found out how the town of Banff was founded and how the love for skiing and mountaineering in Canada started.  I particularly love the photo in the bottom left hand corner which are hand made goggles from the late 19th century to face the ice storms in winter.

Day 7 was another road trip in itself.  We were going to see the icefields that were a two and a half hour drive away from Banff.  It started with my favourite muffins of the week, Cherry Vanilla Crumble Muffins.  Then we saw an elk and a Mama bear and her two cubs on the way!!

Again the views were stunning.  There is something about water that immediately calms me and something about mountains that humble me.  I was often speechless, which is rare for me :p  When I finally got to the glacier, I was as excitable as a kid in a candy store.

Being on top of a glacier that feeds into three ocean was quite the thrill for me.  I even managed to have a sip of glacier water.  It was icy cold and extremely fresh.  It was a lovely summer day and in my mind, I couldn’t imagine what it would be like during winter O_o

By the time we came down from the glacier, it was dinner time.  The sun was still out but our tummies were ready for dinner and guess what we had.  Chinese food!!  Yep, in the middle of Canada by the Rockies, we had pretty good Chinese vegetarian food.  Can’t wait to bring my parents and my sister there now 🙂

Day 8 saw us being in total tourist mode and getting on the Banff gondola.  The queue going up was long but not as long as the line up coming down!!  You’d think it’s a ride at Disneyland.  All in all, it was worth it 🙂  You can see the whole town of Banff from Mount Sulphur, they did a good job with the board walks and making it friendly for all ages.  Again another spot to bring my parents and my sister!!

Day 9 was a long day for us.  It started with a pretty hike by Johnston Creek.  Again it was friendly for all ages so it was crowded because it was a lovely summer day to be out and about.  We took out time and enjoyed the sights and little chipmunks aka pikas along the way.  They were chubby little things because everyone was feeding them.

Then it was off to Lake Moraine.  A beautiful turquoise lake nestled in the Rockies.

We took a lovely hike along the lake and stumbled on a trail that needed 4 or more people to do.  Yes, apparently bears and cougars are less likely to attack if you’re part of a bigger group and noisy.  After Lake Moraine, we moved on to Lake Louise.

Less turquoise than Lake Moraine because of the rock flour.  So Lake Louise is more green.  Then we headed back to Banff.  In time for jaunt to the place where we met some 12 years ago 🙂

It was 2001 and during the Banff TV Festival, we met in one of the rooms of the convention center.  So it was nostalgic for the both of us to walk through the hallways and the bus stop where we had a brief conversation that is clear in both our memories.  A wonderful wrap to a beautiful day 🙂 and part 2 of the post.

12th May

While everyone in the world was celebrating Mother’s Day, my husband and I were sharing a bowl of tao huay celebrating our 6th anniversary.

11 years ago to this date, over a bowl of tao huay we made a simple connection that led us to where we are today.  So every year we share tao huay and think about that day that saw the exchange of emails, long distance calls (pre Skype days), letters, flights and an eventual cross pacific move.  I’ve been very lucky with my husband.  Nothing is perfect and trust me when I say we’ve had our very own major obstacles but together we’re learning to be better halves for each other.  The past 6 years have taught me it does take two people to make a relationship work.  Two healthy people, I might add.

Not many people remember the exact day they made a connection.  It was easy for me because 12th of May is also my Mama’s birthday. 11 years ago, I was in church missing my Grandma and praying for guidance because I was about to give up on relationships.    God does truly work in mysterious ways and that same night my husband and I shared that very bowl of tao huay.  5 years after that night, we got married on the same date.  It warms my hear to know that my Mama is with us every year as we celebrate the good times and remember the difficult times that make us stronger.

That is her, my Mama, probably in her early thirties and younger than I am today with her first four children, my Daddy is in the middle standing next to his sister.  She went on to have her baby son and my youngest uncle a couple of years after this picture was taken.  So on this day, her birthday and my anniversary, I think of her and her constant grace under fire, praying that I’ve inherited that from her.

11 year ago that day was Mother’s Day too 🙂  We had dinner celebrating the day before I headed off to meet my friends where I shared that bowl of tao huay with my husband.  Yes, I do remember that day quite clearly in my head.  This year while I’m not yet a mother, I’ve come to understand how very difficult this job is.  Especially  my mummy :p with two daughters like my sister and I.  So this Mother’s Day, while she’s in Perth and I’m in Singapore, I hope she knows how many of my strengths comes from her and how grateful I am for all of the sacrifices she’s made so that I may chase after all that makes me happy.

This Mother’s Day, my parents are not alone though, my sister is there in Perth reminding my Mummy how much we love her and how we will be no where without her love.

12th of May.  Definitely one of my favourite days in the year.

Fare Ye’ Well Dear Telly

Needless to say, I get attached to things, people and situations.  I’m a true romantic who does get very sentimental.  It isn’t the trait I wear on my sleeve but one that I am now more comfortable with as I’ve gotten older.  So when our dear TV, Telly who has served us well in the last 20 years (yes, read ’em and weep, 20 whole years) decided that she’s off to TV heaven where the angels need to watch TV too, I was undeniably sad.  Took me a while to find her replacement and when I did, I couldn’t help but feel she’s got big shoes to fill.  Like they say, they just don’t build them like they use to.

Telly came into our lives when projection TV was the in thing.  So Telly 2 or T2 as I like to call her, is the LED/HD rage, nope, she isn’t a Smart TV with internet capabilities.  I reckon that we all have laptops, smart phones as it already is … I’m old school that way, I just want to watch TV on my TV.  So here’s T2 and let’s see if she manages to break dear ole’ Telly’s record.  I’ll have an update in 2031 🙂

Meanwhile, we’ll miss you Telly and thank you for the years of wonderful TV watching.  The living room truly isn’t the same without you.

P/S: Watching T2 makes me feel like I’ve gone for lasik :p  Is TV watching suppose to be this clear?  Poor Telly, we did work her way over her due date.


It’s been a while since my last post and even longer since I last went to a concert.  So this Christmas Eve, as I’m sitting in the cool AC of my parent’s Perth home, I can’t help but realise how fortunate I am 🙂 Especially when a couple of of good friends and I decided on a whim. a couple of months ago, to try and get tickets for U2…  and actually got to enjoy it together!!

Like I said it’s been a long while since my last concert :p Yes, concert going in your 30s isn’t typical and I’m so so so glad it was a U2 one 🙂  They were impressive, to say the least.  With songs from Rattle and Hum, Achtung Baby and The Joshua Tree bringing back memories from a seemingly long time ago … the concert itself got me remembering about waking up with the fire in your belly, with purpose and not live life like the living dead.  There’s quite a bit that has been happening … a lot to think about … a lot to plan for … a lot to be grateful for so 2011 is going to be an interesting year.  I think, I say that every year but I’m sure of some changes that’s coming up so we’ll just have to wait and see if my choices are stacked up the way I hope they will be.

Meanwhile, as I relish the memories of U2, have a very Merry Christmas and here’s the warmest wishes to you and your family for beautiful 2011.

P/S: Don’t you just love the Lomo app of the iPhone :p Yep, with no camera of my own, all my U2 pics were taken off my very wonderful phone!!


We’re back in one piece!!  And it’s been back to the grind since we got back to the office :p  So like I always do, some reminiscing is in order.  Though there was hardly any down time, the few moments we managed to catch here and there made this trip memorable.  I must say, traveling with Daryl, Shimin and Li Ling are perks of dreaded work trips 🙂

Other than the Monday, which was gloom gloom gloom, the sun came out for the other days and we managed to enjoy the weather as we walked to and fro the Palais.

Yes, this was the gorgeous gorgeous weather that greeted us from Day 2 onwards and it lasted all the way to the day we left 🙂  Most of the day, we were running from stand to stand within the Palais for meetings.  I did manage to find a 15minute pocket to enjoy my French fruit tart by the beach and was reminded that Cannes is a sweet spot when you can enjoy it.

Unusually, the water was choppy and there was a visible surf in Cannes.  Besides only one other year, I think it was 2004, the Mediterranean sea is always calm.

Back to inside the Palais, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jon Hamm of Mad Man fame were in Cannes for MIPCOM too but for me here’s my favourite celebrity sighting.

That’s B1 from Bananas in Pyjamas!!  B2 was right behind him.  For everyone, there’s going to be a new animated Bananas in Pyjamas in 2011 🙂  I’m not sure if I should admit this but my heart actually skipped a beat when he looked straight at me and waved :p  I wasn’t sure why either.  Bananas in Pyjamas isn’t one of my favourite pre school series but I remember living in Perth, eating my breakfast cereal and watching B1 and B2.  So seeing them in the flesh brought back the warm fuzzy feeling of a carefree varsity lifestyle :p

I can’t quite believe I’ve been working for like 12years now.  Well, 12 years down … errr … hopefully, not much more to go 🙂  Meanwhile, as much as I wasn’t looking forward to yet another work trip to Cannes, it had just enough moments to make it a memorable one.  In case I forget, here’s a reminder of the great solo times I get to reflect and appreciate the moment  I’m in.

Being in a plane affords you a time to think and that’s where I usually do most of mine … when I’m not sleeping anyway.  Yes, some decisions have been made on this trip and let’s see what the rest of 2010 has in store for me.  I have a hunch 2011 is going to be a time for change.  How big, I’m not sure.  I reckon turning 36 seems like a good time for it anyway 🙂

Happy weekend everyone!!