The Other Ann

Before Annie came into his life, Erv already had an Ann.  She’s his beautiful ragdoll kitty cat.  I’ve met her a couple of times and she’s definitely more shy than playful.  He showed me this pic of her the other day and I couldn’t wait to write a post on cats.

I love cats.  Unlike dogs who seem to love you regardless, which is why I’m crazy about dogs in the first place but cats seem to be a lot more discerning and for some reason that intrigues me.

My family has been mostly a dog family but thanks to my animal loving sister, I grew up in somewhat of a menagerie.  We’ve had dogs, dogs and more dogs, we also shared our home with bunnies, turtles, fish, hamsters, birds but we only ever had one cat.  A little stray kitten that lived with us for over 10 years.  I miss him but what I loved most about him was that I could go away to school in Perth for months and when I came home, the discerning kitty of mine would curl up in my bed to sleep with me.  It was like I’ve never been away at all.  He was discerning, knew that I loved him and loved me right back 🙂

Unlike my sister who’s first ambition was to be a vet, my love for animals was a gradual one.  Here’s where I took after my Mummy and my sister after my Daddy.  I now have no problems with any animal … err … I stand corrected … except for the feathered kind … I’m still not hot about birds :p but I reckon it’s important for kids to have pets.  That relationship with a pet builds empathy and compassion that I don’t think a human one can ever teach you so effectively.

They are a lot of work for the Mummies who often end up being the one who keeps them clean but when I have my own kids, I do hope to have a family pet too 🙂  Hopefully, it’ll be a little kitten.