Hair For Hope

It’s always tough when kids fall sick and when it’s something as serious as cancer, I’m usually left having an equally serious conversation with God about how He does things in this world.  After 35 years of conversations, I still don’t quite get Him yet but I do know He puts us in positions to spread His love as best as we can.  So I couldn’t have been prouder when my cousin told me that he’s doing his bit for children with cancer and volunteered to shave his head 🙂

It was the 25th of July when we trooped down to Vivocity to watch him and the rest of the team Arsenal go bald for a good cause.  And here’s how he looks now 🙂  Not to bad, I say.

For all those who don’t know my cousin, here’s him the morning before heading off for the event.

And a big round of applause to Team Arsenal of Singapore.  I don’t know anything about football but now I have a soft spot for Arsenal.

I know who I’m rooting for at this year’s Barclay’s Premiere League.  Meanwhile, the kids think it’s a hoot that my cousin’s head is fun to rub.

So here’s me starting the work week with positive thoughts and love.  *sprinkling it all around*