The Wedding

And the reason why Perth should be scared … very scared :p  Why?  Coz when you have the Tan clan in one place, there usually is a wild party or two, which was pretty much what happened today.  It was a beautiful day to get married too.  So when we left the house with 30mins for a 20mins route, we all felt good about arriving early with time to spare.

Murphy’s law had other plans though :p  We were caught in a jam, yes, on a Saturday morning, we were confused too.  What would you do if you were caught in a jam on a way to a wedding?  If you’re the Tan sisters, you get goofy in the car with your camera :p

Apparently, a truck managed to jack knife itself onto the freeway but when we passed the accident area, there was nothing to behold.  We were expecting a scene out of Transformers ala post Optimus/Megatron fight … or at least, I was but no, nope, there were a couple of semis nicely stalled on the side.  That was it.  That caused us to get to the church just in the nick of time, with not a second to spare :p

The church was old school, there aren’t many left like that in Singapore so I was soaking up the atmosphere.  Once the wedding mass was over, it was photo time before lunch.  Like I said the day was absolutely gorgeous.

That’s the view from the church’s main entrance.  The figures in the foreground are my cousins, Luke and Mark.  At 11 and 9 respectively, they are the youngest of our generation and straddle between us and the next.  There were lots of photos so here’s just a tidbit of the day.

There are 12 of us cousins altogether, 6 boys and 6 girls.  Here’s the Tan/Lam girls.  The thing about us, we’re so different yet are so similar at the same time.  There’s nothing I couldn’t count on these ladies for.

Most of us, in my family have spent or are spending some time in Perth but here’s the original Perth crew.  Way before Perth was invaded by the Tans, it was just the three of us.  My youngest uncle, my cousin, Gwen and me.  There were many coffees and cakes, movies, late night suppers that we shared.  With my uncle still living in Perth, my cousin in Zurich and me in Singapore, photos like this one is a rare sight 🙂

These are my boys 🙂  The motley crew of 6 boys that make up the other half of our 12.  The younger boys you met in the foreground of the earlier picture and the last one is the groom of the day.  Like the brothers, I never had, I love them to bits.

And of course, here’s a picture of the bride and groom.  To my dear cousin, Aaron and his beautiful bride, I wish you both a lifetime of happiness.  If you guys need any advice, don’t call me, call your Sar Chek and Sar Sim, my parents who after 35 years make being married look easy and fun.

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