My New Sunnies

As promised, here’s a post about my new sunnies and how it found me.  I’m not one to be known to wear sunnies, usually it’s a hair accessory for me and not one to shade the sun out.  Why?  Simply because I haven’t been able to find one that doesn’t quite make me look like a bug and fit well at the same time.

Not until now at least and I didn’t even want it to begin with.  It kept finding itself to me, kinda like appearing everywhere I went and eventually I relented and tried it on.  Viola!!  A pair of sunnies that fit my somewhat wide face without making me look like an insect girl and it fits comfortably on too.

I’m no supermodel but it’s not bad, I say 🙂

Day 3 in Bristol

So far Bristol has been very very kind to me.  There was no sun today but at the same time it hardly even rained and  I actually enjoyed the winter day today.  It was a day of panels and forums on 3D Stereoscopic.  Is it a novelty and how do you even do it?  Wonder if they did stuff like that when colour came into cinema?  Lucky for me, I had to take a walk between venues so I got to see more of Bristol.

Bristol is so different from LA.  The architecture, the fashion, even the litter bin.

I even stumbled on a market, which made me wish I had a kitchen to cook in.

At the end of the day, was I inspired to make a 3D Sterescopic project or a ratatouille?  Neither actually :p  The panels made me realise that more than anything else, good story telling is lacking in Singapore.  It really doesn’t matter if we can make the bells and whistle go, if we can’t tell stories.  Are we doing our jobs right?

Some days I think we are … today isn’t quite one of them.