Selamat Hari Raya Haji from Perth

Yes, I’m in Perth. Slept most of the way on the plane, woke up when they served breakfast, which I was strangely hungry for at 4am. When we arrived, we had expected our families to be there already, you know, with garlands, flowers, music playing and all that jazz :p we kinda forgot that it’s 6:30am in the morning for them and so it was a little tougher for them to get out of bed … actually we thought they’d be so excited about seeing us, they won’t be able to sleep :p but I guess not … …

Although, it was like dawn, the sun was already out and about 🙂  The sky was a glorious blue.  It didn’t take long before my parents arrived.  My cousin and her boyfriend though, still had to wait for my other cousin who had to drag himself out of bed, to come get them.  In total, 3 cars to pick up 5 adults with 9 pieces of luggage :p  In all fairness, not all of them belonged to the 5 on the flight.  With my other cousin around the corner, we left the happy couple with some alone time 🙂

Traffic was smooth and soon enough we found ourselves at my parents new home 🙂  It’s down south of the Swan River in Perth, a perfect little spot away from the city.  When I got out of the car in the garage, it was strangely comforting to see a calendar from the gas company in Singapore on the wall of my parents’ new garage.

So this is home in Perth 🙂  My parents only moved in about a month or so ago and I have to say, my Mummy is pretty amazing at putting it all together.

My favourite spot in the house has to be my bedroom 🙂

It’s really nice to know that if Singapore ever gets too crazy and suffocating, I can jump on a plane and after 4 over hours, find myself in a safe place 🙂  So we unpacked, had breakfast, brought my parents up to speed with our lives.  For me it was mostly my travels to LA and Bristol.  Before we knew it, it was lunch time and we checked out a nearby mall.  The weather was beautiful.

It just made my new sunnies come in more handy than ever.  I’m so glad it found me when it did in LA 🙂

After lunch, the Zzzz monster hit us hard.   I could barely keep my eyes open and fell asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillows.  When I woke up, it was dinner time!!  Between eating, I also caught up with my little nieces and nephew, whom I haven’t seen since my work trip that took nearly my entire month of November.

So that’s day1 in Perth.  With another 8 days more to go, I’m determined to not think about work and relax.  Here’s hoping your Hari Raya Haji went as well as mine 🙂  Happy weekend everyone!!

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