Weather in Santa Monica

It’s been beautiful, for the most part. There’s been this strange fog thing that’s been happening. The first day we got here, it was sunny and gorgeous towards the mountains and then we looked towards the ocean and there was this fog coming in. Within minutes, we were engulfed in it. Like a scene straight out of a horror movie. Part of me was half expecting people to be missing once the fog lifted. Of course, my imagination is a lot more active than reality can be 🙂

So one minute is sunny a lovely 25 degrees (that’s in Celsius) and the next it’s like cold, damp and feels like 15 degrees.

That’s just a little too strange for us tropical girls where the weather is basically monotonous and everything we expect when we wake up every morning.  I just reckon it’s God getting me ready for Bristol.  So by the time I get there, my body would have been eased into the cold, the damp and the RAIN.  I did meet a familiar face at the AFM who hails an hour from Bristol, she told me it’s simply a lovely city.  As a Bristol virgin, I reckon even with the weather it can’t be that bad, right?

1 week down and 2 weeks more to go!!  See everyone back home soon 🙂