Sundays in Perth

What do you do on a Sunday in Perth?  Visit the Fremantle Markets, of course.  Kinda like any market you visit in San Francisco or Melbourne or Cannes.

It was another day of simply perfect weather.  Made me realise what I miss about living in Perth, early summer days 🙂  Not much has changed in Freo (that’s Aussie slang for the suburb of Fremantle) except Fast Eddies is no longer there.  It’s like one of the very few 24hour joints in Perth.  So as students, it was a place we knew well and hung out often in.  Especially after late night editing sessions or rehearsals that over ran. Needless to say, there was a tinge of sadness when I walked pass where it normally was and found it no longer there.  Strangely, it made me wonder about the transient nature of the world.  Change … somehow it feels like it’s in the wind.  We’ll see.  We’ll see.

Anyway, where do you go for lunch in Freo?  Kailis for fish and chips 🙂  Yes, that’s where my family headed to today and yes, it’s a seafood place but if you’re a vegetarian, they’ve got a decent Greek salad, which was what I had 🙂  I was mostly on baby duty though.

That’s baby Rachel and me, she’s my little God daughter, which is the next best thing to being an actual Mum 🙂  but I’m not as good as a real Mum yet.  While I carried her, she seemed sleepy but didn’t fall asleep.  My Mum had her for like 5minutes and she was out cold 🙂  So I spent most of lunch with the toddlers.

In between feeding the seagulls and blowing bubbles, we watched tiny jellyfish in the water and talked about plans when we get back home to Singapore, parties to go to, visiting Fidget and this art place in Cluny Court and of course, Transformers, yes, my nephew is pretty much into them as much as I am.  So we babbled about Optimus and Bumblebee … I tried to tell him that my car is secretly Optimus but of course, he so smartly pointed I drove a regular sedan type car and not a truck :p

These are what memories are made off, simple moments that last a lifetime.  The two of them will probably never remember it but it’ll be one of my favourite moments that I share with them.

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