Being a Vegetarian in Perth

Save from my husband and my sister-in-law, my family isn’t vegetarian.  Initially, I think they all didn’t think I was all that serious but after 11 years, they’ve become the most supportive cheerleaders who understand why I still choose to be vegetarian.

And you know it’s love when my parents bring me to a completely vegetarian restaurant for dinner.  A Taiwanese vegetarian restaurant at that too 🙂  I love Taiwanese vegetarian food!!  Except the cooking isn’t very authentic Taiwanese cuisine, in fact they have South East Asian curries and tom yam too.  So it was not bad, not bad at all for a vegetarian place.  Better than the food, was the company, it was nice to share vegetarian food with my Mummy and Daddy and have them enjoy it the food too!!

Simply said, we will be back for sure 🙂

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