Happy Father’s Day

Like I mentioned in a previous post, my sister was in Perth for Mother’s Day and this year, I’m in Perth for Father’s Day 🙂  Note to parents, this is why you have 2 children, they can divide and conquer!!  I arrived in Perth Friday afternoon to a wonderfully brisk winter afternoon.  It isn’t as cold as I expected and actually quite lovely.  I am not a winter chick but I have to say, it’s been a lovely and enjoyable winter.

When Sunday rolled around and became Father’s Day, the sun was still shining beautifully.  I was thinking of maybe a brunch at a restaurant serving Australian cuisine but what does a Chinese family eat in Perth?  Not sure about your family but in mine, it’s dim sum 🙂

Besides celebrating the day with my Daddy, we celebrated the day with my cousin who has been a father for 10 years now.  As with any dim sum session, you over order, eat a lot, drink loads of tea and hang out.  All in all a lovely start to a day to celebrate fathers, especially fathers to daughters 🙂

As a daughter myself, I know how hard it is to a father to one.  I do empathise with all my Daddy friends who have daughters.  You guys truly have know idea what you’re up against and Dads to two or more daughters, they should be given a medal 🙂  My sister and I are as different as chalk and cheese and my parents truly had their work cut out for them.  Methods that work for me didn’t necessarily work for my sister and most definitely, vice versa.  What my Daddy had to argue with my sister about was also very different with what he had to argue with me about.  Needless to say, during our teen years, there was quite a bit of arguing.  Especially since my Daddy likes us to be able to articulate our thoughts coherently.  There were many “discussions”.

Now looking back, through those many discussions, the key thing my Daddy taught me was to respect myself first and if your partner didn’t love you for who you are but for who they want you to be, they ain’t worth your time.

I didn’t always get that right.  Growing up is a process … and most days I still feel like a work-in-progress but my Daddy showed by example what kind of love I should look for because that’s the kind of love he surrounded my sister and I.  He loves us both for exactly who we are and I’m happy to say other than my Daddy, my husband does too!!

I’ve learnt well 🙂

Happy Father’s Day to all Daddies and if you need any help, take a page from my Daddy’s book – truly, children don’t need anything more than you loving them for exactly what they are!!