Man of Steel

It’s opened around the world for a couple of weeks now but in Australia, where I am right now, it’s just opened and I was there with my Daddy and Mummy 🙂  My Dad enjoyed it but Mum thought it could be shorter.

My take – I did like it.  Then again I also liked Lee Ang’s interpretation of The Hulk.  I’m also a tad more in team DC than I am in team Marvel.  Yes, honestly  Robert Downey Junior made Ironman before that, Ironman was a lamer version of Batman.  And who can forget Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight.  That’s why I’m still rooting for a Justice League movie.  With The Dark Knight and Man of Steel, hopefully we’re seeing the building the great franchise.

Meanwhile, I could watch Man of Steel again.  It is different from all other Superman movies and Henry Cavill is a very decent Superman and I have a soft spot for Amy Adams.  There’s a cuteness about her that just makes me smile.  Wasn’t sure about the Christian references though?  Likening Superman to Jesus Christ seems a little out of place but I did ask myself this, if Superman really existed would there be room for Jesus?  So I guess, the technic worked to provoke me to think about something I normally wouldn’t and that to me is usually a successful film 🙂

A tad of a spoiler so if you haven’t seen it, stop now.

I do like this tormented Superman, not that he wasn’t before.  He always was but this time, the internal struggle of having been the chosen one versus having no real choice of his own came across more genuine … … and in some way reminded me of what Jesus may have had to go through – having the responsibility of being the chosen one bestowed on him.  So maybe that’s why Zack Synder had the Christian references to begin with 🙂  More than that, I’ve always been drawn to men who struggled with the hard choices.  Now I know why superheros and talking robots are my thing.

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