What a Difference a Month Makes

My very first Godson turned one month old on Father’s Day that makes him one month and one week old.  What a wonderful gift for his Dad too who also celebrated a birthday on Saturday before Father’s Day.  On the 16th, they all got together with family and friends to celebrate how this little boy is changing the world.

Maybe it’s just my world that he’s changing and one day, I’ll share with him how his presence makes everyone laugh little more, share a little more and be kinder.  Why?  Simply because, that’s what he’s been like in the last month.  He came into a world where he’s had to share his home with Bailey, a cute equally loving corgi who’s been in the house a little more than over 2 years before him.  Bailey can bark and he doesn’t mind it one bit.  In fact, he breaks into a smile when she barks.  He sleeps quietly while a party is rocking in the house.  If that isn’t sharing, I’m not quite sure what else is.  He’s definitely made me all warm and fuzzy that I am kinder after he and I have hung out for a while.  So yes, he is changing my world coz that’s what Godkids do to Godmas 🙂  I’m looking forward to him sharing his life with me.  The ups, the downs, the laughter and the tears.  A lifetime of memories awaiting us and I can’t wait.

For now, in the last month, I’ll remember how quick he’s growing 🙂

He is too too cute, right?