Man of Steel

It’s opened around the world for a couple of weeks now but in Australia, where I am right now, it’s just opened and I was there with my Daddy and Mummy ūüôā ¬†My Dad enjoyed it but Mum thought it could be shorter.

My take – I did like it. ¬†Then again I also liked Lee Ang’s interpretation of The Hulk. ¬†I’m also a tad more in team DC than I am in team Marvel. ¬†Yes,¬†honestly¬† Robert Downey Junior made Ironman before that, Ironman was a lamer version of Batman. ¬†And who can forget Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. ¬†That’s why I’m still rooting for a Justice League movie. ¬†With The Dark Knight and Man of Steel, hopefully we’re seeing the building the great franchise.

Meanwhile, I could watch Man of Steel again. ¬†It is different from all other Superman movies and Henry Cavill is a very decent Superman and I have a soft spot for Amy Adams. ¬†There’s a cuteness about her that just makes me smile. ¬†Wasn’t sure about the Christian references though? ¬†Likening Superman to Jesus Christ seems a little out of place but I did ask myself this, if Superman really existed would there be room for Jesus? ¬†So I guess, the technic worked to provoke me to think about something I normally wouldn’t and that to me is usually a¬†successful¬†film ūüôā

A tad of a spoiler so if you haven’t seen it, stop now.

I do like this tormented Superman, not that he wasn’t before. ¬†He always was but this time, the internal struggle of having been the chosen one versus having no real choice of his own came across more genuine … … and in some way reminded me of what Jesus may have had to go through – having the responsibility of being the chosen one bestowed on him. ¬†So maybe that’s why Zack Synder had the Christian¬†references¬†to begin with ūüôā ¬†More than that, I’ve always been drawn to men who struggled with the hard choices. ¬†Now I know why superheros and talking robots are my thing.