Because I Can’t Believe I’m in the Office

I had to look back at my photos of New York and pretend it isn’t a scorching 32degrees outside.  It was really quite a treat to be away for a bit … the humdrum of the office is already getting to me and it’s only the FIRST day of the year of the Tiger :p

So here’s why I realised I actually missed the city and am making plans to go back soon … and this time for fun 🙂

That glass cube on the left is the Apple store where it’s open 24/7.  Yes, even on Christmas day!!  I had so much fun just hanging around and checking stuff out … even stuff I’ve seen before :p  No disrespect to the PC but ever since I converted, which was in 2001, I can’t imagine not using apple products.  That said, I do love the little Lenovo Thinkpad I use for work 🙂

Also, this trip worked out really well because of the company … I always knew I’m a people type person i.e. I have to be around people I like and care about and if I am the suck-iest of situations, like a blizzard, it’ll be ok 🙂

I already said Wicked was that much more fun because of these two.  Two gentlemen, man enough to get in touch with their gay side and enjoy a musical … thank goodness the two of them don’t read my blog or they might smack me silly but I’m so glad they were there in freezing NYC with me.  I can also forgive them for making me walk in the sub zero temperatures for dinner :p

The thing I love about the US, decent salads that actually make a meal 🙂  We trooped in the snow and bone chilling cold to a fave of Erv, Junior’s.  Where we fed our tummies, discussed the musical and just hung out … sure, we could do this back in Singapore too but there’s something about in the middle of Time Square that makes it a little more special 🙂  Thanks guys!!

2 thoughts on “Because I Can’t Believe I’m in the Office

  1. Hahahaha 🙂 you know what??? I just realized what I called it :p guess I’m more an Apple than I thought … For some reason, that actually scares me :p

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