16,790 Days To Go

One of my cousins, Gerald turned 30 earlier this year and proposed an interesting concept to me.  Assuming that he lives till 100, he has another 25,550 days more to go.  25,550 isn’t much when you think of it.  That truly puts things in perspective.

So what’s my count?  I already kinda have a hunch 84 is when I’ll be calling it quits 🙂  As I turn 38 today, that makes it only 16,790 days.  I have to honest and say this count did make me a little breathless at first.  Like I was running out of time.  Then I took a step back, inhaled a good ‘ole deep breathe and looked at the number again.

It is just that another number.

Turning 38 gives you just enough wisdom to know you can’t let your life be ruled by numbers.  Turning 38 means you’ve had enough experience to know that no matter how many or how little you have, every single day counts.  Turning 38 is just that – another number, another day in a journey called life.

With 13,870 in the bag, I’m looking forward to the rest of the 16,790 days.  Almost halfway there 🙂  I’ve been very blessed and truly haven’t been given anything I can’t handle.  My hunch is life will turn out as it will, all I can do is to live every day doing my best, thinking well of others and spreading kindess and love where I can.

I may being turning 38 today but it is no different from any other day.  Here’s sending you beautiful and happy thoughts that you may smile a little more today than you did yesterday.

Oh yah and happy birthday to my fellow Feb 24-ers too!!  Yep, that’s especially for Nige and Linli 🙂

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