Joopun Koyok

That’s what my grandparents called the little plasters you stick on your aches and pain.

Growing up I had 3 grandparents, my Popo, my Mama and my Kongkong.  All three of them have gone to heaven and I’m looking forward to meeting them again.  You know the cliche saying that you don’t stop thinking of your loved ones after they have passed on.  I never knew it was true till I lost my grandparents.  What surprises me is how the strangest things remind me of them?

Yes, joopun koyok as my grandparents called it reminded me of them.  I’ve never had to use them much and the other day, my shoulder ached probably from hunching over my laptop too much and when I asked my husband to help me stick them on my shoulders; I had memories of when I helped my Popo and my Mama with their own aching shoulders 🙂

I don’t know if those moments meant anything to both my grandmothers and never realised that they meant anything to me till that day when my own aching shoulders needed some loving.  It made me smile, grateful that I had quiet moments that I shared with the both of them.  That I had that opportunity to show them a little love and hope they know how much they both mean to me.

Between my memories that were floating through my mind, I smiled even more grateful that I’ve learnt in life the warmest memories isn’t in the grandest gestures but the seemingly insignificant moments like sticking joopun koyok on aching shoulders.  Life is truly short and I can’t wait to continue sharing these small special moments with my parents, my sister, my husband, my little munchkins, the rest of my family, my dearest friends and the serendipitous crossing of different people’s paths and mine .  It is these memories that warm my heart and keep me going when I need them most.

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