2 Nieces and 2 Nephews

That’ll be the new count for me come May 18th this year 🙂  That’s only 3 months away!!  My little cousin, Valerie who really isn’t so little anymore, is going to be a Mummy!!  Technically she already is one and I can’t wait to cuddle the latest addition to my munchkins.

I still remember my aunt being pregnant with my cousin and going to the hospital the day she was born.  I was only 9 and the bassinet she was in came up to my eye level.  I looked straight at her and I could have sworn she smiled at me 🙂 Yes yes yes, it was probably gas and what not but the 9 year old me was sure, my latest cousin had picked her favourite one, me.  So I can’t wait to meet little Baby 陈 where 38 year old me is anxious to share the same moment with him!!  Yah, don’t tell the rest of his 陈 aunts and there’s 7 of us in total, 2 from Daddy and 5 from Mummy but I think I’m going to be his favourite :p

Truly, I didn’t know I’d enjoy being an aunt as much as I do.  It is a privilege I remind myself constantly not to take for granted.  Having little people want to hang out with you not because they have to but because they want to and much more than that, seeing the world again through their eyes.  As life gets in the way, it’s so easy to forget the little miracles and when the little people in your life discover them, you’re reminded how precious life really is.

I’m looking forward to Baby 陈 showing me, his favourite aunt 😉 the world again.  Can’t wait little one!!