Growing Old Together

Last month one of my dearest friend sent me this:-

And it’s oh so true!!  I really can’t wait to grow old with my friends that I have.  It’s something to do with growing older and knowing that toxic friends are a complete waste of time.  I never knew this growing up.  True story, as a young child I thought as long as you are strong to your own values, it doesn’t matter what kind of friends you have.  Both my grandmas always told me to hang around good people.  Never knew how true that was till I was half way through my 30s.  Really good friends make you want to be better versions of yourselves, never worse.  I also read this somewhere so I can’t take credit for it, I’ll bury bodies for my friends so I choose them carefully.  Couldn’t be more true 🙂

Happy to say, the friends I have now are just the kind I know will bury bodies for me and I will for them.  They are truly good people, with good hearts who are just trying their best everyday.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my friends who in their own different ways taught me that blood may be thicker than water but it is just as nourishing when you need it.