Aesthetic Night

That’s what schools are calling Talent Night now.  Yesterday evening, I was part of the most encouraging audience I ever been in  and saw my nephew perform with the rest of his class.  Their performance – dinging hand bells to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Three Blind Mice.  Cute 🙂

That’s my nephew in his school canteen, pre show.  I definitely take my hats to teachers of all boy primary schools.  I’m sure there are similar headaches with girls schools but the cacophony and unbridled energy from a group of boys in a confined area, is not something I can deal with on a daily basis :p

So there he was playing with his friends until he noticed us.  Then he started to play it cool 🙂  I remember those days but I thought it wasn’t till I was about 12 that it happened to me, needing to play it cool and balancing my school and home personas.  Maybe kids grow up quicker these days but it was really nice to see him in a situation he owns.  ThenI realise in a school with bigger boys, my little nephew who I thought is all grown up compared to his little sisters, is still like a little boy.  It made me smile that we’ve got probably a year or two where he’ll still want hugs, is curious about what we have to say and want to hang out with us.

Till then, it was a high five, post show and not a cuddle lest I embarrass him in front of his friends.  Who wants to the be crazy aunt who has no boundaries?  And we all know how I can easily fall into that :p

Like I mentioned, it was the most encouraging audience I’ve ever been a part of.  There was a ukelele performance of I’m Yours and had it not been for the program, I wouldn’t know what they were strumming to.  Nonetheless, they drew applause and cheers.  The boys are going to face a harsh reality some day but it wasn’t Friday evening 🙂

My favourite bit of the night, hanging out with my munchkins and this photo of my goddaughter, Rachael.  I love her little pig tails and though her fringe still bears the evidence of her brother’s first attempt of being a hairstylist, I think it really suits her 😉

2 thoughts on “Aesthetic Night

  1. Can you believe her brother did that to her :p And yes, Aesthetic … don’t know what the teachers are thinking O_o

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