Birthday Girls

July 17 is particularly special for me because of two little girls.  They were born on the exact same day, in the same hospital just a couple of hours apart.  One is my niece, Mabel and the other, Aira is the sweet daughter of dear dear friend, Claire.

Both have older brothers that are the same age and the both of them have made me give horoscopes a second chance.  I’m essentially a non-believer.  How can so many people all over the world born on the same day have the same personality, much less fate same in life?  However, the similarities between the girls can be ever so slightly uncanny.  Sure, they are also two distinct individuals but they have very similar reactions when their respective brothers bug them, they have a silly sense of humour that I find unique to the two of them and they have temperaments that seem a tad more matured than their 5 years of age.  Sure sure sure, sounds like I’m describing any other 5 year girl and I don’t deny that but when I watch the two of them, I do see some similarities that other 5 year old girls don’t share with them and I guess no one can second my opinion since I’m the only one that sees the both of them :p  Notice the string of pearls both of them picked out to wear for their birthday celebrations.  The other 5 year old girls in my life don’t quite have a inclination for pearls.

Whatever the case may be, I’m just glad that the two of them are more reasons in my life to celebrate birthdays.  Nothing like a preschool birthday party to remind you what’s important in life 🙂

To Mabes and Aira, Happy Birthday sweeties!!!  God bless you both and may your life be filled with as much joy and love as your birthday celebrations were 🙂

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