First Night in Shanghai

Feels just like old times coz as fate would have it, Marcus and I are actually in the same city going to the same trade show.  What are the chances of that?  It’s like we never left the public sector and are still colleagues, but we’re actually working for different organisations in very different sectors too.  So we definitely made a night of it 🙂

First, it was a walk along the Bund.  A must see for anyone who is in Shanghai.

Even on a fairly warm night, it’s still a lovely walk and incredibly crowded for a Tuesday night.  That’s quite the view, isn’t it?  After the stroll, we were complete tourist and got lost trying to find the main shopping street.  When we found it, it was still going at 9:30pm.  Shops were open, people were out and nothing seemed to be remotely calling it a day.

There’s even an aquarium with sharks and turtles.  Even though I don’t agree with a small tank in a middle of a street mall holding little sharks and turtles, it was a pretty sight.  We walked some more and talked some more … about this and that but mostly about Transformers.  Yes, we’re both a little obsessed with the franchise so it was nice to be with someone who understood why I would take a picture of a Bumblebee poster and a Bumblebee statue 🙂

Not many of my other friends would understand, much less relish the sightings with me 🙂  All that walking and talking got us hungry and we started hunting down food.  We stumbled on a hot pot place where you made up your own sauces.  Yummmmm.

It really felt like good old times, being on another work trip together, exploring a new place and just hanging out.  This is what I miss most about working in an office.

Yes, I’ve pretty much been looked after.  A cool job that lets me work from home and work trips that actually coincide with a friend’s.  With an ice cream cone, we called it a night.  The next few days is going to be busy, busy, busy O_0