Chubster Nat

Ok, I’m obsessed with a couple of things in life … at the moment, we all know dreaming about robots and fast cars is taking up a lot of my time so when I prayed for distractions, they all came in the form of my other obsession – BABIES!!  From Juicy Lucy to the Chubster Nat 🙂

Here’s my goddaughter doing her best impression of a muppet.

You can’t tell me that’s not ultimate cute-ness to the max.  The hair, the fist on her chin and the little expression of her lips.  Cracks me up just looking at it!!

Just before Transformer took over my life, I was catching up on Fraggle Rock so when her parents sent me this picture … I saw …

While she’s no Boober, that’s one Boober face if I ever saw one.  Muppets and babies … I may have found my antidote for robots and fast car … then explain why the commentary of Revenge of the Fallen is playing the the background … I may be beyond help … …

P/S: This post is also in honour of Jujules!!  Happy Birthday!!  Hope all is good in Tokyo 🙂  Miss us hanging out and looking forward to when you’re back next.