Day 2 in Bristol

Sunshine!!  That’s not what one expects when you’re visiting England so you can say, I’m a pretty blessed one.

It’s windy though so it is much colder than I’m use to.  So after a day of meetings, I was actually looking forward to a warm bath, hot tea and snuggling up in bed.  Unfortunately, it’s the first day of Encounters so we had the opening highlights and the reception to go to.

The good thing about short films is that if they are boring, you know it’ll end soon and if they’re good, they are so very satisfying 🙂  The opening highlights was a good mix of fun and boredom.  Reminded me of the films in my drawer that are screaming out to be made.  Have I lost all my dreams of becoming an artist?  We’ll see what Encounters will do for my creative soul 😉

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