Perth, Australia

Blue Cloudy Skies

It's 6:30 in the morning and I'm up.  Why?  I was suppose to be on the way to the airport to pick my Dad up.  His plane landed way ahead of ETA (which begs the question what's the point of ETAs), so I rushed through my morning routine and was just about to open the door when my phone rings.  It's my Dad.

Dad: Hi Darling, my plane landed early.
Me: I know, I checked it up on teletext.
Dad: I'm in a cab on the way home so no need to come already.
Me: I'm all ready already.
(why does it sounds so much more Singlish when I'm typing it out :P)
Dad: It's ok, coming home already.

So here I am early on a Friday morning with nothing else better to do but to blog on the next other city that feels like home – Perth, Western Australia.  Yes, there are times when I feel homesick for the place that I was fortunate to have had spent a number of years living in. 

Now with my parents living there, I get to visit them nearly every year and landing in the Perth International Airport always brings on a comfortable laid back me that I often forget to be in vibrant Singapore 🙂

Anyone heading that way and need itinerary ideas? Or a good place to stay?

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