Girls versus boys


And as always girls win!!  Sometimes I wonder why do boys even bother *swift roll of the eyes*

Went to watch Miami Vice and let's just say that compared to teen flick Devil wears Prada which was a good thing that it leaped from page to screen, Miami Vice should have remained a good eighties TV series.

I remember Don Johnson spouting the cheesey lines but it never was cheesey … always just a little too cool … I mean, come on … who can argue that he was not suave in sock-less loafers.

Colin Farrell, on the other hand, just made me feel sorry for Gong Li who BTW was beautiful as usual.  And Jamie Foxx, was he even in the movie?  Enough said.

So that's my verdict:-

Devil wears Prada
Watch it now before the run is over … and if it is, catch it on your next plane ride … and if you still miss it then grab it on DVD.

Miami Vice
Wait … wait … and then wait somemore … and if you're REALLY bored and it happens to be on TV and you REALLY have nothing else better to do, watch it … it'll lull you into a well deserved nap 🙂

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