Inside Scoop

Just when we thought there's no good movies to watch, a couple of us trooped down to GV and watched Woody Allen's Scoop … I'm please to announce it was fun fun fun. *clap clap*

The film defined by GV as an arthouse film and made us pay S$10 on a Monday evening for it.  How? Why? What? When?  I don't know.  We were even more confuse after the movie when we checked out Little Miss Sunshine and that's not considered an arthouse film … so who's classifying these movies at GV?  I want that job 🙂

Anyway, back to Scoop, perfect example on how a simple script and a couple of well timed actors are all you need for a good film.


A simple whodunnit that was funny too.  Hugh was yummy beyond words and Scarlett was sweet, something different from her usual and lacked a sense of confidence but I guess, that's part of the character too.  I prefer her sensuous and pondering.  Woody was Woody.

Soo Wei asked if it was better than Matchpoint?  No, not at all … Matchpoint wins hands down because it was so damn clever and made you look at those bags for tennis rackets a little differently.  Yes, I'm talking to you Jules, you have to go watch it 🙂

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While You Stood Next to me

Moonbeams through the clear sky.

Under the brave yet barren tree.
It rained heavily this afternoon.
Just like the cold showers yesterday.

It was quiet as it dawned upon me.
That I was so very mistaken.
Everyone saw through my wall.
The strong facade that made me weak.

Like a fragile dainty stained glass.
My ego, desires covered me.
Like an umbrella from the rain.
The rain that flows into the ocean.

Under the brave and barren tree.
The moonbeams shines through the glass.
The umbrella folds down slowly.
The branches like arms hold me close.

Takes me home.

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