So long Cannes … for this year at least …

For the last 4 years, October comes around, I pack my bags and head off to Cannes … nope, not for a Southern French holiday but for one of TV's busiest market – MIPCOM.

With my new job, I'm giving it a miss this year … it's a little with mix feelings, I'll miss checking out the new shows and seeing what's going to be hot next year … but thankful that I'm not confused about what to eat and definitely happy I'm not transiting through crazy Parisian or London airports where chances of losing your luggage is higher than them getting to their final destinations.

To all my friends who are heading off this Saturday night for MIPCOM, have fun at the market and take a quiet stroll along the beach for me!!!

On the street where ...Can't go wrong with Pocky One day at a timeWalk on the beach

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3 thoughts on “So long Cannes … for this year at least …

  1. Being vegetarian and all … it was always tough trying to figure out if whatever's in the menu is edible for me 😛 like fruit de mare, ain't no fruit but seafood … hahaha

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