In Perth

I’ve been very happy in Perth for the last 5 days or so … yes, it’s been about that long and there hasn’t been any posts :p  Yes, children keep you busy during the day and when night comes you’re tired enough to fall straight to sleep.  So I honestly don’t know how you blogging mummies do it.  I’m not even watching them by myself.

The kids were so excited that we had to leave for the airport early.  I have NEVER been to the airport so early that they don’t have the gate to our flight yet :p  I also didn’t know that there was a playground after you clear immigration.  Now I know.

We got on the plane and before we knew it we were in Perth!!

Like I said, I’ve been really happy 🙂  There’s something to be said about being around family, being home with your parents … it’s all good and yes, I can’t say it enough, I’m happy.

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