It’s a Part of Life

The last post was written up earlier in the day on the 18th. The plan was to go home after dinner, put in the pictures and post it up. It only went up a couple of minutes ago. A phone call from my husband at the end of dinner changed everything. My Mum-in-law suffered a brain aneurysm and was called back home to God.

As the plane was landing into the Vancouver airport, despite my heavy heart, I was filled with warmth by the beautiful sunrise from the window of my seat. I know there will be a next time when I see her again and when the time comes there will be lots of catching up to do.

For now, I already miss my mum-in-law. She was a sweet woman who did everything for her children and was always kind and loving to me. I especially won’t forget how we shared the same love for gadgets and new technology. Yes, at 62, she learnt how to code her own website and wanted her very own iPad too 🙂

“It’s a part of life” is a phrase I heard a couple of times over the last few days. While it is, it’s still hard when someone you love goes before you. Someone said it gets easier. No, it never does, with each time you just know more what to do and it looks like it’s easier. It doesn’t ever get easier. With each time though, I’m learning more and more how each moment we share with each other is so so precious. We may live for a long long time or we may not, regardless, each moment we share is special because that moment can’t be replicated.

I forget that some times and hope I remember it more often.

I take heart that this Christmas, all of my Grandparents and my Mum-in-law are kicking it up where the celebrations are probably the best 🙂 I miss you all very much. Till we meet again, you’ll be in my heart.