Through Their Eyes

It’s funny how sharing your experiences with children makes you reevaluate how you see the world.  A simple jaunt to the playground with nice, clean, fine sand is like tasting water after being left in the desert for days.

Playing with a dollhouse, feeling waves crash around your ankles, chasing bubbles all seem to bring a breath of fresh air, kinda just what the doctor ordered.  Despite the craziness that comes with child rearing, the simple joy of laughing and play makes it all worth while.

More than that, it’s an excuse to go toy shopping and act silly without having the other adults around you think you’ve lost your marbles :p

In the same breath, they can be a crashing dose of reality too.  We brought them to Kings Park, one of my favourite places in Perth to catch the city by night and enjoy the night breeze.  After about 15minutes of running around without a care in the world, my nephew asked me what else is there to do?  I replied walk or run some more, enjoy the breeze, look at the stars.  He simply said, “Boring, can we go home now?”  I can see why it’s boring too but that’s the bit I love about growing older, you learn to appreciate the world around you a little more.

That’s why I’m pretty much having the perfect holiday, I get to play with the kids and reflect and contemplate with my parents.  Life is good 🙂

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